You are terrifying and strange and beautiful…Magic.

You are terrifying and strange and beautiful…Magic.

Much has been said about Lemonade over the past week. Even more has been written, both on social media and almost every major media outlet. I have my feelings about Lemonade, most of which vacillate between the barely coherent ramblings of a person in full stan-mode and the deeply personal, but this isn’t going to be a think piece. The movie, with its haunting words and gorgeous visuals, is art – the kind that sneaks through the cracks in your walls and makes a storm of your emotions. The kind of art that almost breaks you with its truth, only to heal you in the end. And as so often happens with art like this, it inspires more art. I want to share some of the amazing pieces I’ve seen this week.

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And the mashup we didn’t know we wanted:

Jenn Tran has been killing it this week.

You can find more work by Jenn Tran at the following: and

You can find more awesome work by Jen Bartel at the following: /


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