Shannon, Lauren, and Mel visited their brothers at MEGASheen podcast to review 2017 and have some laughs.

The women stopped by Three Fifs podcast to talk about Michael B. Jordan, Steven Universe, anime, and so much more!

Shannon stopped by The Lemonade to chat with Stephanie about Chewing Gum! (Part 1)

… and (Part 2)

CG was a guest on Single Whine Female and she talked about intersectional feminism and Amber Rose!

Lauren hung out with Heather Matarazzo on her podcast, Shut Up and Listen with Heather Matarazzo (Part 1)…

…and (Part 2)

Mel and Shannon join the Black Comics Chat team for an end of the year special crossover episode.

Shannon joins Nick (MEGASheen), Kortney, and Sterling for the LIVE! Indoob celebration of good villains.

Lauren and Stephanie Williams (The Lemonade/Misty Knight’s Uninformed Afro) discuss the early reviews of Iron Fist with Shaun Lau on No, Totally!

The Nerds of Prey debate the merits of raisins on Food Fight Podcast!

The Nerds of Prey return to the Food Fight Podcast! This time they discuss the best food in existence: tacos.

Listen to Shannon talk to Shaun Lau about the voices of Black women within entertainment on No, Totally!


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