Patreon and the Dream

Patreon and the Dream

As you may have already heard, we’ve officially launched our Patreon campaign! Yes, it may come seven months after our premiere, but trust us…this has been a long time coming. Once we felt confident enough that we were providing a voice and presence that people truly wanted, we made the leap to announce our next step in growing the Nerds of Prey name. Since announcing the Patreon a mere hours ago, the response has been so incredibly positive. We cannot express how much we appreciate our supporters (and we mean in EVERY fashion – donating, listening, commenting, or just encouraging our petty)! We just…dig you. Yes, YOU.

I was unprepared for how weirdly emotional this was going to be for me. The simple press of the “Launch” button ushered in a renewed realization for how far I want to see Nerds of Prey go. When we started this show, we just wanted to create a space where we could freely express the things we like, didn’t like, and felt needed to improve in the world of comics, gaming, and entertainment. In the short time that we’ve been around, we’ve come to realize that there is a portion of fandom/nerd culture that doesn’t feel as heard as they’d like to be, that understands that sometimes the thoughts that we deem petty are actually a product of something much deeper. We like to think that we’ve created something that makes our listeners feel like they have four additional friends. Conversely, we wanted to make a show that challenges the status quo, that (bluntly) encourages those, in their infinite privilege, to just DO BETTER. I wondered if people were going to tune in. I worried that people simply wouldn’t care. I’ve never been happier to been proven wrong in my life.

It’s a little daunting to realize that you have a much bigger, unexpectedly broader dream than you prepared for. We want to foster a community where nerdy women of color can feel safe, heard, and unabashedly genuine. We’d love to drown out the voice that tends to whisper from time to time that a better, more inclusive fandom culture is impossible. We want to spark change while finding the time to laugh and joke, and we want that spark to ignite something far more global than we ever thought was possible. This helps us reach that.

I hope you consider donating. And I prey (I did a thing!) that you continue to be such amazing listeners/friends! In addition, here are some other Patreon campaigns that you should absolutely follow and support!

Tanya DePass/#INeedDiverseGames

Tanya is doing some seriously amazing work within the gaming community. With her podcast, Fresh Out of Tokens, and #INeedDiverseGames, she is using her super necessary, knowledgeable voice to highlight the need for more inclusion in gaming development, marketing, and consumerism.

No, Totally!

It started as a movie podcast and has evolved into such an important beacon of cultural analysis. Shaun Lau is such a strong, stellar presence, championing representation in media for the Asian-American community as well as so many other marginalized voices.

Black Girl Nerds

Jamie Broadnax has built a truly special online community (a community, fun fact, through which we actually met!) and has grown her blog into such an impressive reputable brand. She works so hard to bring her audience fresh views, astonishing guests, and a major, inclusive platform.

And there are so many other artists just working towards their purpose. We hope that we can begin fulfilling just a little bit of ours.


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